We are in the process of revamping what we carry as far as swords go. We do have a few pieces left from our existing inventory.

Tattershall Arms offers a number of commercially made swords. Unless otherwise stated a scabbard is provided with each piece. This page will be changing radically in the near future to reflect some new items put out by CAS Iberia and to reflect the new pricing.

If you purchase a sword hanger or baldric at the same time as a sword, you may deduct 10% off the price of the hanger/baldric.

Broadswords and Backswords
These swords are good quality pieces constructed with a basket that will fit a good sized hand. The guard is made of nickel steel and the sword is provided with a sturdy scabbard. The sword comes in two models.  The broadsword and the backsword.  The broadsword is edged on both sides or the blade from point to hilt whereas the backsword is only fully edged along the front side.  Although basket hilted swords were used prior to 1600, this style of sword dates to the late 17th into the 18th Centuries. The swords come with a baldric. $465  We also have a practice version of the backsword with a baldric for $365. 

Scottish Small Sword

The smallsword was carried by officers and gentlemen in the late 17th and throughout the 18th centuries. This sword dates from the 1730's. $365 with baldric.

Dirk/Bollock Knife

This Sgian Dubh is a traditional military dress version. $35.70.

The dirk is an early style long bollock knife that is appropriate for Scottish Highland reenactment. I have seen pre-16th C. drawings of this style of dirk. $105.


Wer are currently not carrying rapiers. We will continue to offer baldrics and sweord hangers.

If there is a specific sword or other item from CAS Ibeia that you are interested in please call for availability and pricing.


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