Special and New Items

Hand Woven Sashes

We are now carrying hand woven sashes. See our new sashes page with sample pictures.


baskethiltsI have three baskethilts with baldrics for sale. Each of these is a display model. There is some scuffing of the scabbards and baldrics.  

The top sword will come with a Jacobite style baldric with a nickle buckle. The sword is double edged. SOLD. 

The middle sword is a non-sharp. Good for display where children may be present. Sold

The bottom sword is a backsword with a brown scabbard and baldric. $275.


Templar Daggers -- We have two templar daggers at $60 each plus shipping on sale (on left in picture).

Plug Bayonets -- We have two plug bayonets at $60 each for sale. These bayonets are appropriate for 75 caliber muskets (on right in picture).

Leather Bottles

We have a number of hand made leather bottles for sale. The bottles are lined with brewers pitch and hold water or other cool drinks very well. Not for hot drinks. The bottles are $65 each. The picture to the right is of a Mary Rose style bottle. This bottle exhibits some water staining as it has been heavily used.