Books, books, books... As time progresses we will offer more books.

Note on Shipping Books -- We try and ship books priority mail to get them to you as quickly as possible. Typically multiple books may be shipped at the same shipping cost. Please add $1 if you want insurance. If you do not ask for insurance lost mail is your responsibility. For cards, we can ship up to three decks for the normal shipping charge.

The Art of Defense

The published edition of this book on rapier combat is now available. Price $15 and all copies come signed by the author. It covers the history, philosophy and techniques of fighting with the rapier. You can see sample pages from this book at Amazon

You may purchase through Amazon or buy a copy through us signed and personalized.

16th Century Single Sword Combat

This book is an introduction to the Bolognese style of Single Sword comabt from the 16th century. The book is $12.50 and comes signed by the author. You may see sample pages at Amazon.

You may purchase through Amazon or buy a copy through us signed and personalized.


This book is a translation of G.A. Lovino's Traite d'Escrime, a 16th C. fencing manual. It includes copies of the original plates, the original Italian text and the English translation. $8.

Building a Matchlock

This manual details how to build a 16th C. matchlock musket. $10.

Highland Swordsmanship

This book is the quintisential guide to fighting in a Highland style. The book includes the writings of McBane and Hope. Retail price on the book is $29.95 but while supplies last you can get it for $26 plus shipping!

Playing Cards

Our first deck of cards is patterned off of existing Elizabethan cards. The deck comes with documentation on games played during Elizabethan times. The backs of the cards do have a design on them. $12 per deck.

We now offer cards from Historic Games. These cards are patterned off of decks that are similar to those used from renaissance times to the American Civil War. Available in 2 formats: Both are the size of a modern "Bridge" deck.

Un-coated cards for historical authenticity: $5.00 per deck. A fun gift for children who like playing cards -buy an extra deck so they can color the face cards themselves!

Period cards on modern plastic-coated stock. The perfect compromise between period style and modern durability! The coating has a matte finish so they are not too shiny for use at re-enactment events, -and they won't be destroyed if you spill a little ale on them! $10.00 per deck.

You may find rules for period card games at my site and specifically at

Patterns and Plans

Scottish Kilt Pattern

Patterns and instructions for making a belted plaid or a small kilt. The small kilt is much past the 16th C. although some claim that the belted plaid is pre-16th C. $6.

Gillie Pattern

Pattern for making Scottish shoes. These shoes may be used for most time periods. Shoes of this type are datable back to Roman times. $6.

Camp Furniture

Plans for making a chest and stools. The pattern indicates 18th C. but I have seen examples of these types of items prior to 1600. $4.

Trestle Table Pattern

Plans for making a trestle table with stools. $6.

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